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Download Drawings (some of the tracers)   PDF-File (95 KB)

Diamond Tip 5㎛, 90˚ / 2㎛, 60˚
정적 측정 압력 <0.5mN
정적 지지 압력 <0.15N
이송속도 0.8mm/s
귀환속도 2.0mm/s

Tracer Drawing Traversing unit VH Traversing unit VHF
Axis and knives tracer AH
Bore tracer BH
Bore and gear tooth flancs tracer BZFH
Bore and gear tooth flancs tracer BZFH-06
Concave/convex-tracer KKH
Groove tracer max. 15 mm NFH
Groove tracer 15-20 mm NFH-20
Groove tracer NH
Transversal tracer QH
Standard tracer SH
Extension for SH max. 300 mm * VH-xxx
Circumference tracer UH
Special tracer left or right WFHL/WFHR
Gear tooth flank tracer ZH

Extension: Standard length 100 mm, type VH-100
  Application examples: Short-videos (approx. 1 MB MPEG) Standard tracer SH
Bore tracer BH
Free tracer for small surfaces and holes BZFH